Clay Pigeon Shooting

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Plant life and foliage on Muir Estate

There are various different Christmas tree plantations on the estate, the smallest of the trees that you will see in neat little rows are commercial and will be harvested over the next 2-7 years, thinned out every year. 


These are Noble Nordman and are the popular trees you will probably have in your home for the festive period. After the final harvest these fields will be turned back into pasture so that we can grow our deer herd.

This is the section that the wild deer and our farmed deer have been prohibited from entering by putting up high fences for the red and lower fencing for the roe. Deer are very good at jumping.  The other plantations are more mature and there is one plantation I like to call the ‘wonky’ Christmas trees. The plantations are fantastic to walk through as they are all different shapes and sizes and you will see many of the wildlife we’ve mentioned.


There are various other types of trees such as conifers, birch. There is a section of the wood that has the very large spongy balls of Sphagnum moss.  It is quite amazing, like walking on clouds.  These areas are notoriously wet and wellington boots are a must.