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Chef & Shepherd Suppers

Our first supper went like clockwork. We had a fantastic family staying and their menu choices were some of my favourite to cook. Crab bisque with cray fish tails, scallops with pea purée and black pudding, salmon tartare, sea trout, venison chateaubriand, whole bird roast, cranachan, crumble and Orkney fudge cheesecake.

My husband and Donna, who helps us out enormously at Woodcroft House, our guesthouse, were a dream team! They were both fabulous and all three of us just seemed to bounce off each other and not get in each others way.

For now we've just been able to commit to 2 nights in August for the suppers as we are almost fully booked at Woodcroft and most guests dine in, so time is in short supply. I have a plan that will enable us to offer 'Chef & Shepherd Suppers' from September onwards on certain days. I still need to create a page for the website showing menus and prices. It will likely be a large menu where guests can pick 3 starters, 3 mains, and 3 deserts to create their own menu for their dinner, and I'm thinking £65 per head which will also include a pre-starter and pre-pudding pudding (anyone watch The Great British Menu?! :)) but for now you can see our food on Woodcroft's website. Link below;


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