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Errol & Prism

Look who has come to visit for a while. Errol and Prism are 2 Shetland ponies that belong to Alick's sister Brenda. She has about 15 or so of these hardy beasts and grazing was running short so we were delighted to be able to help. Apparently Shetland ponies can be bad tempered, kick and bite you but these two seem friendly enough.

I always knew they were hardy little things that can survive in the harshest of weather but the downside of this is that you can't overfeed them. They are used to having little to eat so you need to be careful or they will get founder or laminitis which is an issue with their feet. So not treats! I think we'll need to put up a 'Don't feed the ponies' sign.

Every day is a school day!


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