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Sheep @muirestate

We have about 85 tenant sheep, blackface's, at Muir Estate. I never thought I'd be that fussed about having sheep but after spending 6 weeks for lambing with my husband Alick at Glenlyon Estate I became quite fascinated by them. I also got to lamb a few which definitely got me hooked on them. So although we are growing our deer farm, currently with 10 red hinds, we also have the blackface's that are due to leave around the end of May, going back to their farm to have their lambs. We should be getting some more as we need to utilise the fields until all the last of the deer fencing is up, which I am very happy about. Even when we are at capacity with deer I would like to have our own sheep to get our own lambs. We mustn't forget that they are bred for their meat and we will be very proud to have our own lamb and be able to offer this to guests, knowing that the animals have had the best life possible. We are some time away from that and until then we will buy locally.

Keep watching to see how we progress.


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