Heat & Eat

by Chef & Shepherd

Can't be bothered to cook, too tired, or just need a bit of help.  For a more casual Chef & Shepherd meal, why not place an order for a prepared dinner.

These will be either pre-cooked ready to heat, or cook.  Either way, all you need to do is turn on the oven, wait a wee while and dinner is ready. Starters and puddings can also be ordered.  

Get in touch to enquire.

Heat & Eat



Wild Game Terrine 

£45 serves 12-14 people


Venison Lasagne

£40 serves 6 £60 serves 8

Vegetable  Lasagne (v, vg)

£30 serves 6 £50 serves 8

Cottage Pie (mashed potato top)

£40 serves 6 £60 serves 8

Middle Eastern Vegetable  Tagine (v, vg)

 with couscous flavoured with fresh coriander, feta cheese, toasted cashew nuts

£30 serves 6 £50 serves 8

Venison Pie (pastry top)

with garlic mash

£40 serves 6 £60 serves 8



Pear and Raspberry Crumble

£16 serves 6 £24 serves 8

Mum's Pavlova

£24 serves 8

Vanilla cheesecake with fruit topping

£24 serves 8-10