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We're husband and wife team Claire and Alick. Between us we have years of experience managing large Scottish estates and 5 star properties, delivering exceptional hospitality. We're the proud owners of Muir Estate and are passionate about carrying on the proud heritage and giving people a unique experience in this special corner of Scotland. 

Our dream is to be self-sufficient, producing our own venison and beef, and to share this with our guests. Alick is very experienced in managing livestock, coming from a long line of Orkney farmers and previously managed Glenlyon Estate in highland Perthshire. So as soon as we bought this place we set to work putting up deer fences to form parks where we now have a herd of 55 including 8 stags, 7 are just yearlings and Otto is our 5 year old.  We have fenced off all the grazing land and the meadow so that we can grow our herd and the meadow gives our deer the most natural habitat that we can provide for park deer. We are putting a larder in soon which will enable us to butcher our own wild deer and once we have a handling system in place we aim to sell our park deer to Dovecote Park who supply such supermarkets as waitrose.

We both share the same principles and values, that our animals will be treated with kindness and be given the best life possible while they are with us on Muir Estate.  As part of 'Chef & Shepherd Suppers' or 'Heat & Eat' guests can enjoy wild venison sourced from around Perthshire andStirlingshire. This also means that we will have minimum  food miles and carbon footprint for our meat produce and very little for everything else as we will be using local suppliers where possible, such as Graham’s Dairy for butter, cream and milk, which is just down the road, and an abundance of local veg suppliers. 

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