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Lying on the southern fringe of the Scottish Highlands, a few miles from Callander, famously known as the Gateway to the Highlands and close to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, is Muir Estate.  Here, within the estates 188 acres, you will find privacy, peace and tranquillity. 

Wildlife on Muir Estate

Muir Estate is home to a healthy population of resident wild roe deer that like to hang about down in wooded area, towards the loch, and also in the Christmas tree plantations.  Until we patched up week parts of the deer fences, we used to find them prancing about in the commercial Christmas tree plantation, as they like to nibble on the young tips of the trees, which is the pointy top of the tree you sit your Angel or Star on.  A tree with no point is no good!  The roe deer particularly like the woodland part of the estate as they are native to the woods and the trees provide fantastic shelter and protection for them.  You are unlikely to see them in the fields, so head to the trees.  They are the smaller of the species and have white fluffy tails but look quick as they disappear like magic!

If you’re up early enough in the morning you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our wild red deer which is the much larger of the species, and is the breed you tend to find in the supermarkets. The red deer tend to linger in the fields as they like the grass and although like trees for shelter, they are not so afraid to be in the open.

There is an abundance of brown hares, particularly in the Christmas Tree plantations. Also foxes, badgers and the super elusive pine martin who’s presence is only betrayed by his tracks in the fresh snow.

The bird life includes all the typical woodland and farmland species such the robin, thrush, and wren, pheasants and pigeons. 


The loch attracts several species of ducks and geese including Canada’s. The secretive woodcock is a common sight during the winter months, and although a largely nocturnal bird we have seen it’s presence many times during the day. Other common sightings can be made of buzzards, herons, and a nocturnal chorus of the resident owls can be heard every night.

Farmed Animals on Muir Estate

Over the last few years our deer have settled in nicely.  Alick has a great deal of experience managing wild and farmed deer so we decided that a deer farm would be a great addition to the estate and guests have loved being able to see and feed these majestic beasts. We started off with just 10 female red hinds, then Otto our stage joined the ground and we now have a herd of 50. With Alick’s continued passion, our herd will grow year on year.


We've had some tenant sheep on the land who had the sole job of munching the grass and rashes and with their manure have made the condition of the land better for our herd of deer. 

Loch at Muir Estate
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Christmas Trees on Muir Estate
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