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Art through an App

Greetings from Muir Estate. I must apologise as I've not done anything in the Journal since September.....eek!!

I found this really cool app on my mobile and you can turn your photographs into pop art, or other styles of paintings. Have a look through and see what you think.

This is our handsome Otto, who will be 5 this spring.

This is our Land Rover Defender 90, our pride and joy! Every time you pass another Defender you get a little wave from the driver or a flash of the lights. This still makes me smile and you get disappointed when some don't, but most acknowledge a fellow Defender lover!!

This is Alick with his Collie dogs and my wee Hamish trailing behind with his tail enthusiastically upright. The old Christmas tree plantations that are on the estate are fantastic to walk through. I call them the wonky trees as they were never harvested as for one reason or another they didn't make the grade. I'm glad they didn't!

This is the best Christmas tree plantation to walk through as it is up high and the views you get are spectacular! This is Alick with just Hamish, again his tail is up and wagging in complete happiness. You can see the snow covered mountains which are just breathtaking.

These are Alick's dogs close up. We have Kim on the far right, Meg just above her and to the left of Meg is Ben and you can make out another set of ears behind him. This is his Mum Jill who sadly is no longer with us but is buried on the estate. She never made it to Muir whilst she was alive which is so sad as she would have loved to have retired her. She went to sleep about 1 week before we got the kennels finished. Alick has buried her in a nice spot which looks out over the neighbouring farm where you see the sheep and cattle, and a good view of Gargunnock. Jill would have liked it!!

So back to naming the dogs, to the left of Ben is his sister Tess and incidentally so is Kim. Then below Tess is Moss, who is like a big hairy black wolf and then finally to his left is Patch who is Dad to Ben, Tess, and Kim. These are the friendliest dogs you'll ever meet, hard working sheep dogs and ever so loyal as all dogs are.

The next pictures are of my favourite tree, up on the corner boundary. That's about it, I had great fun with the app. I promise I will do more entries to my journal, and more regularly. Have a great day and thanks for reading.


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