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Man’s Best Friend!

The Collies have a new home here at Muir Estate. Alick finished working as Estate Manager at Glenlyon Estate about 6 weeks ago now and when he finished up he took his amazing working sheep dogs with him. Patch, Ben and Moss, Tess, Kim and Meg all now live in their own kennel on the estate. Don’t worry, they are away from the Lodge and the Bothy so you won’t hear the ‘Midnight Choir’. They’re hilarious, late at night and early in the morning they all howl together for about 5 minutes, in harmony…well, not quite!

The dogs are Alick’s best buddies, such loyal hard working dogs. They have worked sheep all their lives so they are a bit lost at the moment, although Tess, Kim and Ben like to creep up on my wee Hamish as if he is a sheep! Hamish isn’t as fast as the Collies but he can turn on a penny, so he can outwit them! We will be having tenant sheep later next week so that will bring back some normality for the 6 of them. We will eventually have our own sheep so they can’t retire yet.

Unfortunately other dogs are not allowed on Muir Estate. We are disappointed that we’ve had to put this restriction in place but it is for the good of the wild deer but more importantly the farmed deer that we have. They are very skittish creatures, timid and don’t like being approached by different animals. My wee Hamish is here at the moment but he is not aloud anywhere near the deer and once we are open he will be living back at Woodcroft House, our 5 star guest house in Perth.

We hope everyone understands and we’re sorry to disappoint.


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