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Got the munchies?

Well if you have them when you are here you can not go wrong by asking for a Chef & Shepherd Supper or a Heat & Eat. Go to the gallery for more pictures.

Chef & Shepherd Suppers was basically our menu at our award winning 5 star guest house, but on tour (Woodcroft House was voted best guest house in Scotland 2022 by the Good Hotel Guide). Go onto the 'Eat' section on the website and you will see the menu for 'Heat & Eat' and if you hover over the 'Eat' tab you'll see the 'Chef & Shepherd' menu.

Why did we call it Chef & Shepherd Suppers? Well, my husband is a shepherd and I was the chef at Woodcroft House and now at Muir Estate. It's a 5 course dining experience. We prep as much as we can before we need to come into the Lodge. Normally we arrive in the Lodge at 5pm, finish prepping, set the table, ready for you to sit down at 7.30pm ish and by 9.30pm ish we have done the dishes and are gone. Leaving you to enjoy the rest of your evening with no washing up to do! Sounds nice doesn't it!

So get in touch and arrange for us to cook for you.


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