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Wild Birds

It’s a glorious Sunday morning and we were greeted by five swans gracefully swimming in the loch on Muir Estate. Two of the swans were young ones as you could still see some of their brown/tan feathers. There were also 2 Canada geese floating on the surface as well.

Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve is just a few miles away so we get lots of different wild birds on the estate. These beautiful birds have been with us about a week now. We only saw one when we first got to the loch side and once they saw us the game swimming towards us.

After I took a million pictures and videos we wandered up the hill where you get an absolutely breathtaking view of the Trossachs and the loch. Certainly blew away the cobwebs, or cleared our heads from last night's red wine and game of chess, which I won by the way!!

This is the south east corner of the boundary. Just thought this was a lovely shot. After another 100 or so pictures we headed back for some breakfast, sausages and eggs, yum!


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