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I love a JCB!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

So two exciting things happened today. First, it's the first outing of the summer flip flops! I was walking Hamish round Perth racecourse yesterday and it was so hot, when I got back to our guesthouse Woodcroft House I had to get out of my clothes and put some summer trousers and a lighter top on but even better.....FLIP FLOPS! I love this time of year, Spring!

Ok, this isn't really exciting, I just like JCB's! The lawn at the estate is full of moss, more moss than grass. We are trying first with lime as we can't put moss killer down as it's too late in the year. We don't want guests arriving and the lawn is all black with dead moss. So this is the bag of lime we picked up along with some fertiliser. It's got to help. I'm dreaming that one day the lawn will look as good as the one at Woodcroft. Although my Dad does spend A LOT of time on the grass there. Fingers crossed in a wee while I'll have some green grass pictures to post up.


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