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New Life @muirestate

It's been a while since I last posted anything as we've been so busy getting the Lodge and the Bothy on the estate ready for guests. I'm thrilled to say that the red deer are finally having their young. These are 2 calves that we believe were born just a few days apart this week and there may be more young hidden away. It's been very interesting to watch the Mums. When we go into the park to feed the deer or take a look the Mum's that have had a calf tend to hang back from the group, really far back. You see them wandering off into the trees or where there is thick grass and reeds. Once they have their calf, which they do all on their own, and you couldn't help if you wanted to as although they are being farmed they are still a wild animal. They tuck the calf into the thick growth to hide it away until it's a few days older. Alick has seen one calf running alongside it's Mum but as soon as they see you the mum hides her young away again. It's so maternal and lovely to see. Other females have been wandering off but we've not seen any more young but it's not to say they are not there. Fingers crossed we get at least another 5. We have 20 hinds now and usually you are supposed to get a 70% birth rate. We shall see....

The other thing that happened was that we finally got our last bit of fencing up so that red deer can now be seen from the matster bedroom. It's a beautiful sight!!


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