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OK, so it's been a while!

So I thought I would write a wee note in the journal and to my horror it's been almost a year since I last added an entry! I say to myself "I must do better!" So what has been going on? Well, if you must know, we sold our 5 star Guest House Woodcroft House on 26th September last year and we blocked any bookings being made at Woodcroft and at here at Muir Estate as the terrible reality of having to pack up all the contents and belongs from Woodcroft dawned on us and it was a task that needed to be done. We were due to move into a hotel we were going to purchase in Callander but for various reasons this did not go ahead.

So what now? We decided to stay at Muir indefinitely and then tried to get our heads round what we were going to do. Do we stay in the Lodge and rent the Bothy? Do we rent a few of the rooms in the Lodge with the Bothy, do we stay in the Bothy and rent the Lodge. The later is what we have decided. So, from the start of March guests are able to book the Lodge. Note: Please go the the 'stay' section of the website and you will get the layout of the property.

What is new? Well, we have put in two sofa beds downstairs in the dining area. This was a huge space anyway and we realised if we made the tables into a square we had space to make this lovely area that you see below. Guests can choose from either of these sofa beds. We also put in new black out blinds which are in the first picture.

We have offered clay pigeon shooting for a while now but it's really gaining momentum. We made the ground surface more solid and easier for vehicle access. You can book clay pigeon shooting with Alan Sneddon by either letting me know and I'll hook you up or contact him via the link in the website. It's a really fun and safe activity.

That's it for now. I promise I will write again sooner rather than later.


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