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Castle Leoch

Picture by Andrea David @filmtourismus

Did you know that Castle Leoch is just a little over 4 miles from Muir Estate. Leoch's real name if Doune Castle of course, in the gorgeous little village of Doune. I'm sure you know that Doune Castle also appeared in many episodes of the Monty Python and the film The Holy Grail. Anyway, it's not far away and why not continue on to Midhope Castle just past Linlithgow, 30 further miles away from Doune. Midhope is the famous Lallybroch, Jamie Frasers home from Outlander. It would make a fabulous day trip. I'm ashamed to say that I've not done it myself but I 1will some time soon. I'm sure my parents took my brother and myself there when we were young but that was a looooong time ago now.


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